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How can I make a CHAPS payment?

A CHAPS payment can be made by visiting a branch, however there is a charge of £20 for this service.

If you are visiting a branch to make a CHAPS payment, you will need to bring your debit card and some ID such as a driving license or passport.

For a same day payment, you have until 2.59pm to arrange the payment in branch, or 3:15pm when faxed to the payment centre ( please fax to 0845 300 3390 if in the UK or +44 161 755 7802 if abroad, including RoI)

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If you are a Premier Banking customer, you can also make a CHAPS payment over the phone if you are enrolled for either Telephone or Digital Banking. For a same day payment, you have until 2:00pm to arrange the payment over the phone.

An alternative option

You can use Digital Banking to make a payment for free at any time, please see How do I make a payment using Digital Banking?

The Digital Banking payment limits are:

  • £20,000.00 per working day for personal customers.
  • £50,000.00 per working day for premier customers.
  • £50,000.00 per working day for business customers.

For payments over the Digital Banking limit, you can set up separate payments over a number of days. However if you need to send a large payment all in one go you should visit a branch to make a CHAPS payment.