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What is a combined interest rate?

Where there is more than one interest rate applicable, for example the standard and conditional bonus rates on Premium Saver and Savings Builder, the rates are combined using a standard calculation to provide the total interest rate payable.


You have £15,000 in a Savings Builder account.

  • The first £10,000 earns interest at 0.25%
  • The next £5,000 earns interest at 0.01%

The combined interest for the total £15,000 is 0.17%.

The greater the balance above £10,000 the lower the combined interest rate, so if you have £20,000

  • The first £10,000 will earn 0.25%
  • The next £10,000 will earn 0.01%

The combined interest for £20,000 is 0.13%