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What do I do if something has gone wrong with a payment that has left my Business account?

If you have had a problem with a payment which has left your Business account, please choose a payment type from the following:

Direct Debit

Standing Order

Debit Card Payments

If you don't recognise a payment to a retailer, you can take a look at our Merchant List (opens in a new window) in case they have a different name.

If you still don't recognise the transaction, you can either:

Bank Transfer

If you need to amend a transfer you can find guidance on 'will the cancellation of an online transfer take effect immediately?'

If you have set up a payment but the recipient has not received it or you think it may have gone to the wrong account, you can:

  1. Identify where the payment has gone to.
  2. If you know the recipient, you can contact them and arrange to have the funds returned.
  3. If you do not know the recipient, you will need to contact our Telephone Banking team (opens in a new window) who will help you to recover the funds.

ATM Withdrawals

If you wish to dispute a withdrawal made at an ATM cash machine, please contact our Telephone Banking team (opens in a new window).


To stop a cheque, please see 'how do I cancel a cheque?'

Contactless Debit Card Payment

The limit for contactless payments is £30 per transaction. They can take up to 4 days to debit from your account and affect your available balance.

Some may take even longer, and you can view our 'why don't contactless payments show in my balance immediately?' page for more information.

For information to help you avoid going into an unauthorised overdraft, you can see our contactless support page (opens in a new window).

CHAPS Payment

A CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System) payment is a way of moving your money between UK sterling accounts, with funds arriving cleared on the same working day. They are typically used for very large transactions when the amount is over £20,000.

CHAPS payments are preferred for high value transactions. Once your money arrives in the beneficiary account it cannot be returned unpaid like a cheque, or recalled like a BACS payment. The funds are therefore cleared and can be used immediately.

If you wish to make a CHAPS payment that is less than £50,000.00 , you can make a faster payment online which is free 24-7. You can view 'how can I make a CHAPS payment?' for more information.

How can business customers send international payments?

If you have online banking and a card-reader, you can follow 'how do I make an international payment using digital banking?' The limit is £20,000 per day.

You can also make payments via Bankline if you are a registered user. There are 3 types of fee options available for international payments, however some fee options are not available on certain payments to certain countries:

  1. You only pay our fee. The foreign bank may also charge the payee a handling fee.
  2. You pay all fees. You'll pay our fee, and pay an amount* to cover any foreign bank handling fees.
  3. The payee pays all fees. Our fee will be deducted from the amount the payee will receive. The foreign bank may also charge the payee a handling fee.

* Foreign bank handling fees vary, depending on which foreign bank the money is being sent to.

Please note that ‘you pay all fees' does not prevent overseas banks from deducting fees from the amount the payee receives.

For fees on receiving an electronic international transfer see our international payments page. (opens in a new window)

The details below outline what you will be charged for sending international payments. The charge is the same for across branch, telephony (Private only), online and mobile banking.

If the payment is being sent in a currency which is classed as an exotic currency then the payment will take 3 days.

The different payment methods are:

For more help you can contact Royal Bank of Scotland Direct Banking on 03457 24 24 24 (England accounts 0345 900 0400 and Wales accounts 0345 900 0300).

You can review various ways to bank (opens in a new window) help you manage transactions on your account and notify us when these change, including debits and payments.

If you need further information you can see 'how long will a payment or transfer take to arrive?'