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What do I do if my account is in collections or recoveries?

Sometimes accounts are passed to our collections and recoveries teams when there is an outstanding balance which needs to be repaid and has fallen outside of the agreed terms and conditions of the account.

Remember - You can use tools like text alerts and the mobile app to help manage your accounts and avoid further financial. You can find guidance on the different methods of banking on our Ways to Bank page (opens in a new window).


There are several common reasons why accounts can move into our collections team, some examples are as follows:

  • Exceeding the agreed overdraft facility
  • Loan arrears - missed repayments
  • Mortgage arrears - missed repayments
  • Dormancy - if you account remains unused for long periods of time or your account activity suddenly changes
  • Financial difficulty

Accounts in collections

  • If your account is in the collections process it will generally still be available for you to use and your normal terms and conditions will still apply.
  • Our collections team will work with you to try to bring your accounts back within your agreed limits so that you can continue with normal banking.
  • To do this they will look to make a repayment arrangement with you. These normally last between 1 to 18 months to ensure that we set up an affordable repayment plan  for you to repay the outstanding balance.
  • It is important that you are aware of the next steps if you cannot clear your debt in collections - further action may be taken which may result in the full removal of your bank  account facilities and your credit file being impacted for 6 years.


Accounts can move into our recoveries team if your account has failed to return to within it’s normal and agreed limits during collections procedures and agreed repayments.

Accounts in recoveries

  • If your accounts are in the recovery process all the accounts stop being operational and the account facilities are all removed so you can no longer use your accounts other than to repay the outstanding debt. This means that you can make repayments directly into your accounts.
  • At this stage of the recoveries process, you are expected to bank elsewhere as the accounts cannot be used as normal on a day to day basis.
  • We will work with you and act in your best interests by looking at your income and expenditure to get a good understanding of your financial situation before agreeing to the most suitable repayment plan to repay the outstanding balance.
  • Your credit reference file is likely to be impacted and this will show for 6 years.

Remember - If you are in financial difficulty and need some general help and support you can find further guidance on our financial difficulty page (opens in a new window).