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What is an unarranged overdraft usage fee?

An unarranged overdraft usage fee will have been charged if you've gone overdrawn without arranging it with us first. You will also be charged if you have gone over your agreed overdraft limit

Our fees

An unarranged overdraft usage fee of £8 is charged daily if you use an unarranged overdraft. An unarranged overdraft is created when your account becomes overdrawn without prior arrangement or any arranged overdraft limit is exceeded. The unarranged overdraft usage fee will only be charged if your unarranged overdraft is over £10 at close of business on the day a transaction is paid or taken from your account (and on each subsequent day that your unarranged overdraft remains over £10).

An unpaid transaction fee of £8 is charged for each transaction that we return unpaid. A transaction (eg a direct debit) will be returned if the payment cannot be met from funds in your account or any unused arranged overdraft facility and we decide in our discretion not to make the payment.

We won’t charge you more than £80 in a monthly charging period for an unarranged overdraft or any unpaid transaction. We don't charge interest on unarranged overdrafts.

For more information about overdrafts please visit our overdrafts page (opens in a new window). Also, use our overdrafts calculator (opens in a new window) to see how we charge for an unarranged overdraft and how to avoid unexpected costs.