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What is the difference between Balance and Available in the mobile app?

Here are some useful tips to help you work out how much you have available to spend.

The main figure is the amount of money in your account at that time.

The 'available' figure tells you how much you can spend today. 'available' is a more accurate reflection of how much you can spend at that time. It will include pending payments such as debit card (POS) transactions that have yet to debit your account (but where the funds have been set aside for the payee to claim) and any agreed overdraft you have with us will be included too. Please note, this does not include recent contactless card payments which can take up to 4 days to debit your account.

Example: If you have £500 in your account, have spent £250 in a shop using your debit card and have a £50 overdraft limit, the main figure would say £500 and the available figure below would be £300.

example of how your balance shows in mobile app

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An uncleared cheque example: If you have just paid in a cheque for £50 the main figure will increase to £550 (once the cheque has been processed) but the Available balance would remain at £300 until the cheque has cleared. Once cleared the 'Available' figure will also increase to £350. The £200 difference is the £250 you spent in the shop (assuming it is still pending and not having come out of your balance) and the £50 agreed overdraft limit.

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My balance at the weekend: Your balance might not be what you were expecting over the weekend and bank holidays.