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Why is the NCC (National Clearing Code) or BSB (Bank State Branch) number not recognised when I am making Digital Banking international payments?

If you are making an international payment to The Commonwealth Bank of Australia the National Clearing Code (NCC) or Bank State Branch (BSB) code may sometimes not be recognised.

You will need to enter the BSB code in the National Clearing Code field.

If you are getting a message 'Customer advice, please address the following issues: Please enter a valid National Country Code (NCC)' you should use the bank's SWIFT or BIC code instead. If you don't have the Payee's SWIFT or BIC code, please ask the Payee for them. They can get these from their bank.

The SWIFT or BIC field will only appear if you use the 'Royworld Express' or 'Royworld Economy' payment type.

If you still can't make the payment, you would need to visit a branch where a member of staff will be able to arrange the international payment for you.

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