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Changes to Digital Banking Login

On the 18th September 2017 the European Commission formally approved an Alternative Remedies Package which forms the basis of a new agreement in relation to RBS’s remaining state aid commitments, this replaces the requirement to divest business previously known as Williams & Glyn. As a result your accounts will remain with Royal Bank of Scotland and the changes we are making ensure your Digital Banking is consistent with all Royal Bank of Scotland users.

This change will provide you with all of the functionality and services which are currently available to all other Digital Banking customers. This includes

  • Secure Inbox – the ability to receive certain communications from the bank through Digital Banking, rather than by post. (due to be made available in May 2018).
  • Credit Card PDF statements.
  • Credit Card paperless statements – being able to opt in / out via online.
  • A new link to FAQs via a “Show me How to” link.

Will I receive a new Digital Banking PIN and Password?

No. You will continue to use your current Digital Banking/telephone banking password and PIN.

Do I need a new Digital Banking/Telephone Banking Customer Number?

  • If you currently have only one customer number to access all of your Royal Bank of Scotland accounts via Digital Banking/telephone banking, then you can continue to use this same customer number.
  • If you currently have two different customer numbers to access your Royal Bank of Scotland accounts then only one of these will work once this change has taken place. This means that, going forward, you will be able to see all of your accounts in one place.
  • To identify which of your two customer numbers, the one that will not work after the changes have been made will be 5000 greater than the other for the last 4 digits.
  • Example:
    • 1st customer number: 3002770123
    • 2nd customer number: 3002775123
  • Use only the 1st customer number after the changes are made. The 2nd one is no longer required / active.

What happens if I use the wrong customer number in Digital Banking/telephone banking?

For Digital Banking, you will progress through to the log in pages with PIN and Password, which will then fail. You will then be able to complete the Digital Banking re-enrolment screen, and you will be re-advised of the correct Customer Number.

For telephone banking, the automated service will direct your call to an agent if you can't remember your details and the agent will then be able to advise you of the correct customer number to use for future calls.

What happens to the saved Payees and Bill Payment details in my Digital Banking?

There are no changes to these, and any that were available / saved before will be available after the changes are made.

If you need to know how to add a new payee, please see How to add a Payee using Digital Banking (opens in a new window)

Will there be any changes to Mobile Banking?

You can continue to use Mobile Banking in the same way as before. There is no impact on this service.

Will there be any changes to the products which will be available to me?

No products are changing as part of the Digital Banking and Telephony banking changes. Do we need to be more specific around what we mean by products?

I now have some duplicate payees listed, why?

This can happen for any customers who had two different customer numbers to access their accounts, and who also had created duplicate payees on either Digital Banking or telephony using both of their customer numbers.

When the changes take place in Digital Banking and telephone banking, these payee details will appear in the same consolidated list. You will be able to delete any duplicates that you do not require.