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How do I use 24/7 Messaging?

Log in to our mobile app and click on ‘Help’ along the bottom taskbar. Then click ‘Message us’, which will start a secure message chat.

Am I speaking to a human?

Most queries will be answered by Cora, our digital assistant. If Cora can’t answer your question, you will be directed to a human operator who will answer you in two hours.

What sort of questions can I ask 24/7 Messaging?

Any general banking queries you like, including those relating to our other services e.g. how do I tell the bank I’m travelling abroad? How do I use 'Get Cash'?

Can I use 24/7 Messaging to manage my money?

No. For 24/7 transactions and payments, we recommend you visit our articles on payments and transfers, Paym and Pay your Contacts.