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My goods have arrived and they're different from what I ordered. What can I do?

Have you paid a company by debit or credit card and received goods which are not as you expected?

The best place to start if the goods you have received are not as expected is by contacting the company you bought them from.

But we realise it's not always possible to resolve a dispute directly with the retailer or supplier. If you can't resolve the issue we may be able to help you and start a claim.

What we need from you

You need to be as detailed as you can when explaining your dispute. This will help make sure all the facts are available to us when we review your claim and prevent unnecessary delays. It would be helpful if you could send us the following information:

  • A detailed explanation of why you are raising a dispute, including a description of the goods that were expected compared to what was received
  • The date you received the goods and their current location
  • Proof of purchase such as an order confirmation, receipt or invoice
  • Copies of an email or letter correspondence between yourself and the retailer (if you have spoken over the phone or in person, please tell us what was said)

Debit card payments

Email us at quoting your sort code, account number and last 4 digits of your long 16 digit debit card number.

Credit card payments

Email us as quoting the last 4 digits of your long 16 digit credit card number and full name.

It's worth noting that depending on the nature of your dispute, you many be asked to provide an expert opinion on headed paper from an individual or organisation that is qualified in the area of the item in question, which clearly identifies the goods were not as described at the point of sale. This will need to be done before you attempt to return the goods back to the retailer or supplier.