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What is the gambling block?

The gambling block is a feature that allows you to block your card from being used for gambling transactions.

How do I turn the block on?

You do this by:

  1. Opening your mobile app and selecting your relevant credit card.
  2. Navigating to the ‘Manage my card’ page.
  3. Under the ’Lock Card Settings’, select ‘Gambling Transactions’ to enable the lock.

To remove the block, navigate to the same page and unselect ‘Gambling Transactions’.

Can I turn off the block whenever I need?

The block can be turned on and off when needed. There is time no delay in adding or removing the block.

Can I put a gambling block on my debit card?

The block is for credit cards only.

Which cards can I block?

The block applies to MasterCard credit cards only.

Can I use the block online or on a tablet?

You can not enable or disable the block online, only via the mobile app.

Will the gambling block work when I am on a flight?

The gambling block won’t necessarily work if you are on a plane because your purchase may well go through as an ‘offline’ transaction. Some transactions are approved without checking with the bank and where this happens we can’t stop the transaction.

What will happen to my subscriptions/regular payments when the gambling block is in active?

Gambling subscriptions and regular gambling payments will be declined if the block is active.

Will I receive a notification if my payment is declined due to the gambling block setting?

Yes, you should receive a Push or SMS notification if your payment is declined due to the gambling block setting being in place.

Does the gambling block setting cover Apple Pay and Google Pay in app/point of sales purchases?

If the gambling block is active, this will stop gambling transactions across all channels, including Chip and Pin, Contactless, Apple Pay or Google Pay, via Digital Banking and in the mobile app.

Will Lottery transactions be blocked?

Lottery tickets purchased online/in app will be declined and you will get a notification informing you of this, however, lottery tickets purchased physically in a retail store such as a supermarket may be approved.

Can I withdraw my winnings to my credit card?

With the gambling block on, you will be unable to withdraw winnings to your credit card.

Does the block apply to all cards linked to the account?

If the block is applied, it will be applied to all cards (primary and secondary).