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I've not received any communications about the overdraft changes, what do I do?

You should have received a letter or email notifying you about these changes. However, if you have changed your home or email address recently and have not told us, you may not have received this communication. Please contact your local branch or call us for further details.

Do I need to agree and sign a new set of terms and conditions for these?

No. These changes will take effect from the date advised in your letter or email.

Where can I view the new set of terms and conditions?

I'm not happy about these changes, how do I make a complaint?

Our complaints page (opens in a new window) will tell you how you can complain.

How do I know if I'm worse or better off before the change takes place?

Details to help with this are contained in the letter or email you have received. You can also compare your old an new terms and conditions here.: