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How can I add or remove accounts from Spending?

You have the option to add all, or just some, of the personal current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards you hold with us to Spending. There is no maximum number of accounts that can be included; this is completely dependent on how you currently manage your money. Including all of your accounts will give you the fullest view of your overall spending.

You can change which of your accounts you wish to be included at any point, using your Spending settings section, then tapping 'choose accounts' and selecting or de-selecting accounts using the toggles on screen.

How can I change the date I have selected for my month to start?

You can change the date that you wish your month to start by tapping on the Spending settings section, then choosing 'set a date'. You can then select the date that suits you best.

How far back will I see when I use Spending?

In Spending, you will be able to see a backdated 12 month period view of all of your personal current account spending. As other account types are added in future, data may only be availble from the day a new account is added.

Can anyone else view the information held within my Spending feature in my app?

The information in Spending is only available to you. This means no one else, including joint parties or members of bank staff, will have sight of your newsfeed or insights, the categorisation of your transactions, which accounts you have included in your view, your chosen start of month date, or any budgets you may have set, and your performance against them.

Can I make payments using Spending?

The option to make payments between your accounts or to third parties is available from the homescreen of your mobile app as normal, but is not available from within the Spending tab.

Will I see my pending transactions in Spending?

All of the transactions you see in Spending will be exactly the same as you are used to in your mobile app, with both pending and posted transactions being included.

You will not be able to change the category of a pending transaction until it is fully cleared in your account.

If I use the mobile app on multiple devices, will Spending show the same on all of my devices?

Spending will appear the same on all of the devices that you use the app on, including any budgets you may have set. You would need to log out and then log back in to your devices in order to show any changes made.

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