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How do I amend a budget that I have set up?

You can amend a budget in one of two ways. Firstly, from the Spending tab in your mobile app, tap on Budgets from the submenu that appears. Then tap on the category which has the budget that you want to amend, and you can increase or decrease your budget amount by tapping the +/- buttons, or by overtyping the amount manually.  Once you are happy with your tweaked amount, tap 'set budget'.

Alternatively, from the Spending tab in your mobile app, tap on Categories from the submenu. Then tap the category that has the budget you want to amend, and select the 'tweak budget' button at the bottom of the screen. 

What is Budgets feature?

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How do I delete a budget that I have set?

From the Budgets screen, if you are using iOS, you simply need to swipe left to delete on any budget they have set. If you are using an Android device, select the budget you wish to delete, and an option to 'Delete Budget' will be at the bottom of your screen.

Can I set a budget of £0?

The minimum budget you can set for a month period is £1. You can amend your budget amounts at any point if you change your mind.

How do I create my own categories to set budgets against?

You cannot create your own categories to set a budget against. We currently offer a set group of categories based on customer feedback on how best to group spending. You can move any transactions from one category to another whenever you want.

How do I set a budget for a specific retailer or type of transaction?

You cannot set budgets for specific retailers or types of transaction. You can set a budget against any of the listed categories, and recategorise specific retailers or types of transactions between those categories if required.

Can I amend the date of the month that my budget starts and ends once it has been set?

You can amend the dates of your calendar month for budgeting purposes at any time, in order to best suit your needs. You can do this in the settings section of the Spending tab within the mobile app.

How do I add or remove bank accounts from being included in my budgets?

If you wish to add or remove accounts from your Spending or Budgets, you can amend this at any time in the settings section from the Spending tab, and selecting 'choose accounts'.

Can I set separate budgets for different bank accounts that I hold?

If you have more than one bank account with us, you are unable to set separate budgets for different accounts. Any budgets you set will be automatically set against all of the bank accounts you currently have in Spending. You can add or remove accounts from the Spending settings menu at any point, depending on what suits you best.

How can I view how well I performed against my budgets in previous months?

When your budgeting month period ends, your budget summary for the previous month will be available at the bottom of the Budgets screen. A summary of any months prior to this will not be available to view.

Will my debit card stop working if I go over budget?

We will not stop your debit card from working if you go over your budgets in any category, but you will be able to view your Budgets in your mobile app to keep track of when you are getting close to a budget, or if you have gone over. You may also benefit from reviewing the insights on your Newsfeed tab, which will update you when you are getting close to your budgets.

Can I opt to have my debit card stop working if I go over one or all of my budgets?

The Budgets feature in the Spending tab has no link to how your debit card transactions are processed on your account, and the bank has no ability to limit transactions based on how you perform against the budgets that you have set within your mobile app.

If you are over budget, and as a result, would like your debit card to be stopped or locked, you can arrange this using the 'Manage my card' section of the mobile app. If you feel you are experiencing financial difficulty, or in a vulnerable situation, please contact us for further guidance.

Will I get a reward for being under budget?

Budgets have been designed to help you take control of your spending. You may wish to save any money that you have not spent each month, however we do not provide rewards for hitting a budget.

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