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What are Credit Card Transaction Notifications?

Credit Card transaction alerts are push notifications sent to your mobile every time you use your credit card. You’ll get one whenever you make a purchase or withdraw cash. They’re great for keeping on top of what you’re spending and spotting when something doesn’t look right.

How do I turn Credit Card Transaction Notifications on/off?

You’ll need to download the mobile app first. Once you’re all set up on the app, just head to the My Profile section and click on Notification Centre > Notification Settings > Credit Card and you’ll see the Transaction Notification toggle to turn them on. To switch them off, follow the same route and turn the toggle off.

Please note: App available to customers with compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

What should I do if I get a notification for a transaction that I don’t recognise?

Don't recognise the retailer? Retailers sometimes use different names when processing your transaction. You can use the mobile app to look up common retailer names by clicking on the transaction and then tapping 'Need help with this transaction?'

Don’t recognise the amount spent? For some types of purchases (e.g., pay at pump fuel, hotels) your card may be authorised for an amount that is different to the final amount of sale. If this is the case, you may get a notification for the authorised amount rather than the sale amount. The final price paid will be shown in the mobile app within a day or two.

Still not sure? If you still do not recognise a transaction, please contact us immediately using either in-app chat or by calling the number on the back of your credit card.

Why have I been charged a small amount without purchasing anything?

Sometimes retailers will put through a small charge on your card to confirm it is active. This will usually be refunded and disappear after a couple of days. If this charge has not been refunded, or you do not recognise the merchant, please get in touch.

If you are using your card for contactless travel payment (e.g., Transport for London) please see the travel company’s website for more information on how your fare will be calculated.

Why am I getting duplicate notifications from Apple Pay or Google Pay?

When you make a transaction using Apple or Google Pay, you'll get one notification from them and one from us. It's easy to turn these off and make sure you're only receiving one:

For Apple Pay users – Open the 'Wallet' app and select your Debit and/or Credit Card. Click the three dots at the top right of the screen and switch the 'Allow Notifications' toggle off. You can return to this page and turn the toggle back on at any time.

For Google Pay users – Open the 'Google Pay' app and click on the three lines in the top left of the screen. Select 'Settings' and then switch the 'Purchase Notifications' toggle off. You can return to this page and turn the toggle back on at any time. Please note: The Google Pay purchase notification toggle switches notifications on/off for all cards you have linked to your account.

How does this work for additional cardholders?

The primary card holder will receive notifications for any spend made by an additional cardholder. If you are an additional cardholder, you will not be able to receive notifications on your own device.

Should I expect to see a notification when I pay off my credit card balance?

These notifications will only trigger when a card-based transaction is made (e.g. a purchase). Paying off your credit card balance will not trigger an alert.

Why have I been sent a notification about a refund?

Sometimes merchants might incorrectly charge you or charge you twice by accident. If this happens the transaction will be reversed, and we'll send you a notification saying you've received a refund. There will be no charge on your credit card statement.

Foreign currency transactions - Why is the amount shown in my notification different to my statement?

When you spend in a foreign currency, we send you a notification using the exchange rate at that point in time. When your transaction is no longer pending and is added to your statement, sometimes the exchange rate can be slightly different. As a result, you may find the amount shown in your notification to be slightly different to the amount added to your statement.

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