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I cannot enter my customer number

If the numbers you're typing in for your customer number do not appear, please try the following:

Have you got Num Lock on?

If you're using the numeric keypad normally located on the right hand side of your keyboard, make sure you have activated the Num Lock function for numeric entry. Alternatively try the numbers located across the top of the keyboard instead.

Is your keyboard working?

Test your keyboard by opening another program e.g. Notepad and try typing numbers into that program. If the numbers you've typed do not display in the program this may indicate a problem with your keyboard, check it's plugged in correctly.

Characters you are typing appear incorrectly on the screen?

If you have the Trusteer Rapport browser add-on installed:

Open the Rapport Console:

  1. Click the Rapport icon, located next to the browser's address bar, and then click "Open Console", or
  2. Click Start, select 'All Programs', then 'Trusteer Endpoint Protection', and finally 'Trusteer Endpoint Protection Console'.

Change the policy by following these steps:

  1. Click the green arrow, located at the bottom right of the console
  2. In the 'Security Policy' area, click 'Edit Policy'
  3. Enter the letters as they are shown in the image, and then click 'OK'
  4. Locate 'Activate Character Replacement' and in the drop-down list select 'Never'
  5. Locate 'Activate Kernel Character Replacement' and in the drop-down list select 'Never'
  6. Click 'Save'

To effect the change, reboot the computer when convenient to do so.

Still having problems?

Try closing all browser windows, reopen your browser and access our site again. If you are still unable to key in your customer number try restarting your computer.