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Why has my Digital Banking session timed out?

In order to protect your personal information we will automatically log you out of the service and refresh your screen if you show no activity on the page within 5 minutes of your last action e.g. move your mouse or change page.

To regain access to the service, simply log back in.

If you use special assistive technologies such as screen readers you may prefer not to have your screen refreshed so that your software has sufficient time to read the contents of a screen without interruption. To use this feature simply select the 'Do not refresh my screen on timeout' option when you log in. If you are timed out of Digital Banking you will need to log in again if you want to use any other functions in the service.

If you do use this feature we strongly recommend that you completely close your browser if you have to move away from your computer. This will help to prevent your data being seen by others.