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How do I change my name with the bank?

To change your name with the bank after getting married, divorced or changing your name by deed poll you will need to visit your local branch.

Please remember to take legal proof of your name change as requests to change your name on your account must be supported by the following documents:

Marriage or civil partnership

  • Marriage Certificate or Civil Partnership Certificate.

Change of name

  • Deed Poll/Statutory Declaration (Deed poll will need to be registered using official forms, available from www.gov.uk)

Divorce / dissolution

Any of the below:

  • Decree Absolute and Birth Certificate.
  • Decree Absolute and Passport.
  • Final Dissolution Order and Birth Certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate when reverting to maiden name/former name where the certificate contains both maiden and married name.

Original documents must be provided.

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Please note: This service is not available online or over the phone.