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How can I do a balance transfer to my credit card?

You can use balance transfers to transfer money you owe on another credit card or store card to your Royal Bank of Scotland credit card. This type of offer could help reduce your monthly credit card payments and/or clear your debt quicker, but it’s important you consider the costs associated with balance transfer.

You can request balance transfers up to a total of 95% of your available credit limit. You may not transfer the balance from another Royal Bank of Scotland Group credit card. All of our balance transfer rates are for the lifetime of the balance.

Once you applied for a credit card with us, you will be able to see your balance transfer rate at the back of your credit card statement, either in paper form or through Credit Card Online Services, or by contacting Credit Card Services.

Please note Credit Card services will be closing at the end of July. To make a balance transfer after this time please do so by calling the number on the back of your card.

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