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You can use the mobile app or Digital Banking to update your mobile number.

  • For the mobile app, you'll need to be registered for Biometrics.
  • For Digital Banking: 
    • if you're registered for Biometrics, you'll need your mobile app.
    • if not, you can use a card reader.

Don't have a card reader? Find out how to order a new card-reader.

You can check what mobile phone number we have for you by going to 'Manage personal details' in the mobile app.

In Digital Banking, you can do this by going to 'Your details'.

Updating your mobile phone number using the mobile app

  1. Select the profile icon in the top corner of the screen and then 'Manage personal details'.
  2. Select the arrow next to your mobile number.
  3. Select the country code from the drop down list, then enter your new mobile number and tap 'Next'.
  4. Confirm that your mobile number is correct, tap confirm and then authorise the change using your Biometrics.

Updating your mobile phone number using Digital Banking

  1. Select 'Your details' and then 'Update mobile phone number' (in the 'Amend personal details' section).
  2. Type in your new number into the 'New mobile number' box. Then retype it in the 'Confirm your new mobile number' box.
  3. Make sure your number and country code are correct, then authorise the change using your mobile app (if you are registered for Biometrics) or your card reader.

Updating your mobile phone number in a branch

If visiting a branch, please remember to take some form of photographic identification with you, such as your passport or driving licence.

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